With Oracle Service Cloud we have significantly improved service levels and customer experience. First contact resolution is up from 50% to 80%, customer contact time is down, agent efficiency has shot up, and our managers can make informed decisions to drive continued growth. Our FAQ section has resulted in a deflection rate of approximately 60% over the past four months.”
–Robert Jonker, Manager Customer Service & Quality, iBOOD.com

How iBOOD.com managed to increase the first contact resolution from 50% to 80% and to boost the consumer loyalty with an Integrated Multichannel Cloud Platform

iBOOD is an abbreviation for internet’s Best Daily Online Offer and is Europe’s biggest deal community platform. Every day, iBOOD’s customers can find the best brands at competitive prices, as every night at midnight the company creates a new offer of a premium brand at the lowest price available on the web. Unlike traditional online retailers or e-shops, the company focuses on one deal per day across various categories and flash sales, i.e. multiple deals in a specific category available for 72 hours—a concept that has become popular with customers and enabled iBOOD to expand into seven countries.

To help with its continued growth and increase its competitiveness, iBOOD needed a more powerful platform for its agents and customers, one which could provide multiple channels, a rich knowledge base, and increased service levels.



  • Increase sales of daily product offers and boost consumer loyalty and satisfaction by providing multiple channels through which customers can interact with agents
  • Enable agents across contact centers in Poznan, Berlin, and Amsterdam to provide faster, better, and more consistent services to more than two million online consumers across seven countries
  • Enhance consistency and cohesion throughout the organization by integrating a global customer relationship management platform containing a broad knowledgebase with back office systems used for order management, content management, and dispatching
  • Enable managers to make faster and more informed decisions by providing them with detailed analytics regarding agent service levels across channels and consumer buying habits


  • Boosted sales of daily special offers and enhanced the consumer experience by deploying Oracle Service Cloud to elevate service levels, for example by lowering customer contact time, boosting the number of first time resolutions (FTR), and increasing the number of customer channels
  • Increased first contact resolution (FCR) from 50% to nearly 80% and reduced the average number of contacts per customer case from 4 to 1.7—providing customers with a smoother, trouble-free shopping experience for a range of top brand consumer goods
  • Improved customer satisfaction by offering multi-channel support—including via web portal, email, telephone, and social media—to the more than two million customers in the iBOOD community, leading to increased loyalty and daily consumer goods sales
  • Improved the efficiency of more than 30 agents by providing them with a rich knowledgebase containing more than 370 items—empowering them to answer consumer questions by telephone immediately, without needing to conduct internal research offline and call back later
  • Enabled agents across three international contact centers to respond confidently to customer queries—for example concerning shipping delays or low warehouse stocks—instead of relying on best guesses
  • Provided managers with detailed insights—for example on general service levels, case handling times, agent efficiency, and customer portal knowledgebase effectiveness—enabling them to make informed decisions across the business, for example regarding optimum staffing levels in all three contact centers
  • Boosted overall company performance and cohesion by linking Oracle Service Cloud with iBOOD’s enterprise resource planning system, its content management system used to process daily offers, and its mail system that handles all order confirmations
  • Provided a robust, scalable system enabling iBOOD to continue its rapid growth according to future business needs—for example expanding into new geographical territories, or increasing its product offerings to include more non-electronic consumer goods in fields such as sports and fashion, home and living, training courses, and wines
  • Delivered a flexible platform enabling iBOOD to develop its business model and practices to further increase competitiveness—for example by introducing chat and co-browsing functions, enhancing its computer telephony integration (CTI) capability, and automating workflows to improve the agent as well as the customer experience

“We wanted a robust, flexible, financially competitive cloud solution which would also keep our IT infrastructure as thin as possible. We considered solutions from Salesforce and Egain, but Oracle better suited our business model, and also our IT structure due to the simplicity of the data model.”
–Robert Jonker, Manager Customer Service & Quality, iBOOD.com (Silver Ocean BV

Partner Involvement – WeSquare

iBOOD selected Oracle Partner WeSquare for its Oracle Service Cloud implementation. Among many other functions, WeSquare assisted with the design, implementation, migration, integration with iBOOD’s website and internal systems, customization of the customer portal and agent dashboard, and roll-out of the complex service level agreements (SLAs).

“WeSquare is our implementation partner, and also our service partner whenever we want new developments or new implementations on Oracle. Their consultants are reliable, no-nonsense, and precise in informing us what is possible and what isn’t. The go-live was smooth and we have had no major issues,”
–Robert Jonker said.







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