Last week we described a blog about the 9 most important reasons for allowing your organization to benefit from Direct Messaging your customers with Oracle Service Cloud (Oracle B2C Service/ RightNow/ Oracle Service) CRM system servicing customers. Which you can read here.

In this blog we will provide an overview of the most important and the latest features the Direct Messenger addin has to offer that enables you to start messaging your customers with Oracle Service Cloud within a day.

Oracle Service Cloud Direct Messenger Add-in


With the Messenger Integration Add-In, you add any kind of Direct Messenger Service to your mix of communication channels you use to service your customers:  Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat, LINE, SMS, Apple Business Chat. All completely integrated into your Oracle Service Cloud (Oracle B2C Service/ RightNow/ Oracle Service) solution.


The Messenger Integration add-in that our Oracle Service Cloud developed enables you to:

  • Handle all your direct messengers and chats in one area and equally in the same interface
  • Apply easy and fast answering with integrated standard answers
  • Create and configure your own customized bot
  • Integrate answers from your knowledge base
  • Transfer a chat to a colleague or conference a chat with multiple agents
  • Save and view all chat history prior to the chat in the same window
  • Set your own auto responses
  • Get excellent reporting and extensive analytics with detailed information about all your chats
  • Handle chats in multiple languages
  • Create your own customized application with our API


After the latest update the Messenger Integration add-in now also offers:

  1. The option to service multiple languages per number
  2. An API to communicate the correct opening hours of your Direct Messaging service
  3. An intelligent script for customer recognition
  4. The opportunity for your agents to send an end of chat survey

Ad 1. Support for multiple languages per number

Operating a multilingual Customer Service, with this new feature you make sure you queue all your incoming chats to the right agent. And you send all your autoreply messages (ie. Welcome text, out-of-office text, etc) in the correct language.

Ad 2. Opening hours API

Although Direct Messaging offers excellent opportunities to maximize your Service Level creating a more modern and direct service experience. It also has the potential to ruin it if a customer  trying to reach you by means of your Direct Messaging Services igets stuck because your support desk is closed. With the latest update the add-in now also offers an API to comunicate and inform customers on your opening hours.

Ad 3. Customer recognition

Recognizing who is contacting you is key to delivering topnotch personalized Customer Service: The faster existing customers are recognized, and your agents know their history the better they can tailor the Customer Service they deliver.

Identifying each customer contacting you by means of Direct Messaging services linking his telephone number to the right contact in your CRM therefore is of the utmost importance. On the other hand, if the person contacting you is new to your organization, he is a potential new client. At which point is very important to identify him as such, and to log his contact details for future sales purposes.

However, in many ocasions the only thing logged in your database that can help you identify an existing customer is his email address. At which point, the telephone number he uses to contact you is unknown. Making identification is impossible.

Therefore, in the latest update we added a recognition script that helps you to identify and validate who truly is and is not an existing customer. Of course, if the telephone number he uses matches an existing telephone number in your CRM, the script will automatically help you to identify him retrieving all client details and history. However, the telephone number is new to your system, the script will automatically help you to ask all the right questions to verify and validate whether or not he is or is not an existing customer. Asking him for his full name, emailadres, :

  • If he does appear to be an existing customer, the script will automatically help you to identify him as such connecting his phone number to the correct contact in your CRM. After which it will update his contact details adding the phone number he uses to contact you to his account.
  • However, if he appears to be a non-existing customer, the script will help you to retrieve all relevant information needed to create and add a new contact/prospect to your CRM system. Which afterwards you can use for future sales purposes.

4. End of chat survey

Monitoring how your customers perceived the service you delivered is key to enhancing Customer Experience (CX), and optimizing your future service level. Therefore, in the latest update we included a script that enables your agents to automatically trigger a client survey after the chat has ended.

Creating an awesome service experience for your customers with Oracle Service Cloud


To help organizations using Oracle Service Cloud to integrate Direct Messaging into their communication portfolio, WeSquare developed the Messenger Integration add-in. An user-ready add-in that enables you to integrate WhatsAppFacebook MessengerInstagramTelegramWeChatLINE, SMS, Apple Business Chat, and many other instant messenger services within your CRM solution. The add-in provides you with everything you need to instantly start messaging your customers wherever they are, handling all their service requests directly and more personaly. The add-in is valued by organizations that aim to deliver an optimal customer experience (CX) by improving their accessibility. Contact us here for more information on this add-in. 

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