Daniel Newman principal analyst of Futurum Research and CEO of Broadsuite Media Group cannot state it better. Even now, in the midst of a global pandemic, there is one thing that still accounts for every organization. People still want to be treated well. Customers like to feel seen, known, and appreciated by the companies they’re buying from. This concept lies at the core of every organization aiming to build a long lasting relationship with their customers.

Research from PwC shows 73% of customers claim a friendly customer service makes them fall in love with a brand. While 32% will walk away from that same brand after a single bad experience.

So, how do you create the optimal customer service experience?

In this blog we describe 3 reasons why adding Direct Messenger Service helps to deliver excellent customer service. And subconsequently, how Direct Messenger Service for Oracle Service Cloud adds unique value building long lasting relationships with customers.

Let’s get started!

1. Direct Messenger Service prevents your customers from waiting

The first frustration and main potential deal breaker that we need to be address is the fact customers hate waiting. Thanks to Frost we know that 41% of consumers claim that being put on hold is their biggest frustration.

The always-on, digital-first consumers of today just don’t have the time to hold for a customer service agent. Where once customers would reflexively dial a toll-free number or send a web form into the ether. Now, they send direct messages to brands on social media—expecting timely, superior service when they do.

Last two years show a 110% increase in consumers who identify social messaging as their preferred channel to resolve customer service issues. And as 90% of executives agree businesses are following suit, it is likely the next three years social will become the primary communication channel to connect with customers.

Probably the greatest benefit Direct Messaging Service offers, is that it enables businesses to communicate with customers in real-time. And to prevent your customers from waiting, addressing all service requests instantly.

2. Direct Messenger Service increases customer intimacy

Although customer-supplier relationships are becoming more digital, a personal approach still appears to be a key success factor creating an optimal customer experience in the service journey. A recent study by Harald Pol from the University of Twente illustrates that a personal tone of voice in customer contact results in a more positive customer experience.

The second great advantage Direct Messaging Service offers, is that it enables businesses to increase their Customer Intimacy and to foster Closeness communicating in a private one-to-one and more personal setting. And on top of that, to express more emotional information using emoticons.

3. Direct Messenger Service increases your accessibility and offers more flexibility solving service requests

The focus on digital accessibility is growing, especially during the current global pandemic. Whereas many organizations have to shut their doors, the only remaining option for customers to access your service desk is online. And research shows that when this (also) fails, they’re likely to shop elsewhere. Forrester’s 2022 predictions list accessibility in CX as a top priority for businesses today.

The third benefit Direct Messenger Service offers is that it provides customers with an additional option to contact your service desk. It increases your accessibility as well as your chances to address all incoming service requests. Also, it provides both parties with more and better options to share any relevant documents solving practical needs or issues. As it enables your customers as well as yourself to instantly send and receive any type of attachments such as photos, videos, audio files, location and documents.


If your organization uses the Oracle Service Cloud / RightNow application, this is your chance to include Direct Messenger as an additional communication channel for your customers! As an Oracle Gold Partner and Oracle Service Cloud specialist we can provide you with the Messenger Integration add-in enabling you to integrate Direct Messengers such as Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Telegram, WeChat, SMS, LINE, Apple Business Chat, and many other messengers with your Service Cloud. Contact us for a demo, and start messaging your customers today!

“The messenger integration add-in is highly recommended to organizations that want to
exceed their customers’ expectations by offering them a more mature, private ans instant Customer Experience (CX).“

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