Today we like to tell you more about Anusha. As a proven M.Tech professional who graduated in wireless mobile communication, Anusha has been working for WeSquare for almost a year now. Anusha’s specialty is that she is as a highly flexible person, and a fast learner. It enables her to adopt easily to rapid changing environments, and to master new skills within a short time frame. On top of that, you will never see Anusha leave the office before all the work is completely done that is scheduled for the day. These specialties correspond her biggest motivational driver and personal ambition which is to never stop learning, and to find out all there is to know about Oracle Service Cloud. If you ever have the chance to collaborate with Anusha, you can be assured she will deliver on time, as well as on budget whilst exceeding your expectations.

“I am most proud to be a part of WeSquare Family which gave me an opportunity to initiate my career.”

When asked to describe WeSquare, Anusha answered that WeSquare stands for a lifelong learning, a fruitful career and a bright future, whilst having fun working with a great team that is supportive and encouraging.

I really like team meetings and some kind of cultural activities that we do at WeSquare,
it is a pity that we cannot do that at the moment due to Covid-19.

After 5 days of hard work for IBOOD, Independer and Plus, Anusha likes to relax by watching movies and spending time with the family while drinking lots of Tropicana(Guava).