Today we like to tell you more about one of our longest-serving employees, Sandeep. The collaboration with Sandeep started collaborating in July 2013 after he finished his “Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology”, servicing a project for Walter and Wiebe for a different employer. As time passed, their bonding gradually grew stronger and stronger. When WeSquare established WeSquare India in July 2015, it was no surprise that Sandeep became one of the first employees to enforce their team!

One of the things Sandeep is most proud of, is helping out the team on difficult projects. This is also one of the things he likes most about working at WeSquare: the ability to develop himself by solving problems for clients and colleagues. If Sandeep is asked to describe WeSquare, he would call it a One Stop Shop providing IT Services to customers. Sandeep’s ambition is to keep on improving his skills and to never stop trying to be a better person than the day before.


“The one thing I will always want to repeat in my life, is to keep on acquiring knowledge!”


At WeSquare Sandeep’s main role is to develop websites, and mobile apps. However he also helps the team to achieve its goals with regards to designing, developing and testing new Custom Software for multiple clients like Novi-Media, InPrc, WhatsOrb, MVO, Stalwillig en Gildepak. Sandeep would describe himself as a fast learner, which is very important due to the fast changing trends and developments in the industry. On the weekends Sandeep likes to go out with his family, or play games at home.