A company can’t be successful without great employees! Today we are happy to tell you more about another great and highly appreciated employee who already has been working for WeSquare a little over 2.5 years now, called Satish.

WeSquare and Satish first met as they collaborated together on the same project from different entities. As Satish and Wiebe really enjoyed their collaboration, and both expressed their joy of working together, it was not long after hearing about a job opening, that Satish took the opportunity to apply for a position at WeSquare. And as time went by, this career change turned out to be a great success! Today, Satish is one of our most talented and experienced Technical PHP Lead and Database Expert whose creative ideas are always refreshing, and whose excellent skills are always a genuine pleasure to witness and highly valued.

“I like the fact that I can share and discuss any ideas I have, WeSquare really values the ideas and emotions of all of the employees”.

Satish specialties include Architecture and Database Design, Cloud Server Setups (AWS, Digital Ocean) and Client/Team building, which he mainly applies to service clients and to attract prospects, or to manage his team and to help young talent to settle in at WeSquare. Satish loves working in a dedicated teams and on challenging projects, solving the most complex problems and learning about all sorts of new technologies.

In the 2.5 years Satish has been working for WeSquare, he serviced many clients such as IKSO, MilkyMap & MeetupOnline, and he has many great accomplishments to be proud of. When the opportunity comes along, Satish’s dream would be to start a product based tech start-up.


“I have given multiple solutions on the Architecture and
Database designs and successfully implemented

“I took a challenge to setup test environments
and automated build process via Jenkins which saved
us lot of time in deploying app to dev/test
environments as well as cost.”

In the weekends Satish loves to spend time with his family and friends whilst enjoying a cold beer. Apart from this he likes to read technology articles and help friends/colleagues start-ups on their tech stack.