Surendra, one of the best Oracle Service Cloud experts around that started working at WeSquare almost a year ago. Since Surendra started working at WeSquare he has and continues to do an excellent job for several clients such as implementing SSO for IBood and customizing the FNT solution in BUI for MSH. The only way you are able to be succeed these tasks you need to be an amazing Oracle Service Cloud expert, something that Surendra is!

“Before joining my previous organization, I gave an interview to Wiebe through one of the colleagues who joined my organization, but WeSquare needed an immediate joiner, so I couldn’t join at that time. But after a year and half again got the opportunity to join the WeSquare family.”

At WeSquare there is a really nice balance in good work life, nice colleagues and spare time. This is also how Surendra would describe WeSquare as an organization and what makes it so enjoyable to work at. Surendra loves to learn new things, work together as a team to be successful.

During his workweek, Surendra is mainly implementing, customizing and supporting the Oracle Service cloud application for different clients. When the weekend starts he likes to spend time with his family, play badminton & cricket and watch movies with friends while enjoying a lovely milkshake!

At this moment Surendra is mainly working for MSH where he can utilize his qualities in the best possible way.