Up until a few years ago, when mobile apps were new in the market, it was believed that mobile apps are meant only for big brands. Over time, small and medium businesses understood that an effective mobile app strategy is required to gain a competitive edge.

People are on their phone for most of the day. Having a mobile app will help you stay ahead of the curve in adapting to consumer trends. These big changes will lead to huge growth for app development.

Here are 8 more reasons that explain the benefits of having a mobile app.


In today’s market, consumers prefer a personalized experience when they communicate and interact with your brand. With app, offering super customized services is feasible. You can track user engagement and use the data to offer customized updates and recommendations. It also enables you to monitor the real-time location of users and offer geographically relevant content.


Mobile apps serve multiple functions – they provide general information about your company, about products and services, the ability to search for things, send direct messages, and much more.

The rise of social media has reduced the communication gap between companies and customers. However, the presence of irrelevant content has made it difficult to reach your customers without paying for advertisements. Mobile apps make for a great new marketing channel where push and in-app notifications help you create and nurture better relationships and gain direct access to your customers.

– In-app notifications are those which users can only receive when they open the app.

– Push notifications, on the other hand, are those notifications which users receive regardless, once they have opted in.


This is probably the biggest difference between a mobile app and a website. When visiting a website, people have to download graphics and various elements of page design in order to be able to see a specific page. So this gets extremely difficult if someone as a slow internet connection or no internet connection at all.

Mobile apps require internet connectivity to perform most of their tasks. However, they can offer some basic content and functionalities to visitors that browse in an offline mode. For example, visitors can read news or other information regarding your app/company, perform different calculations, or even send messages that will be delivered when they go online.


Irrespective of whether you an e-commerce business or you are a plumber or a doctor, your customer/patients need to be able to reach you. A messaging feature built right into your app will make a huge difference in your relationship with your customers.

Customers will always conduct more business with a company with whom they feel a connection. Coming up with creative ways to help your customers engage with your business will help foster a better relationship that will, in turn, help your business grow.


Mobile apps can be customized in ways that will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors. For example, the two big stores where one can find all apps – Apple App Store and Google Play – are big on localization. Not many businesses offer super localized services through mobile apps. So, this can be a market you can tap into.

This is just one example. You can use many ways to create an app that helps you stay ahead of competition.


Mobile apps offer an entirely new user experience that helps your brand get recognition. It helps them identify with the brand and speeds up the process of buying. The more they interact with your brand and your app, the more likely they are to purchase from your app.


Mobile apps are a great way to create a separate revenue channel. You can have advertisements within your app.

In-app purchases are a sure way of earning revenue from your mobile app. In these purchases, users buy virtual products like coins. Various messaging apps offer to sell you virtual stickers to be used in your chats.


Connecting your mobile app to your website ensures your customers are in the know at all times. If you create a promotion, change the names or prices of products, or make any change on the website, the mobile app will automatically be updated, saving you the effort of managing two platforms.

Your customers can be notified of changes via push notification, thereby driving them to the app.

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