Nowadays, offering a customer journey that meets and exceeds the expectations of your visitors and recurring customers is key to expanding your business. In a world in which we expect instant and personal service both the live chat and the direct messaging communication channels have become an essential widgets on your customer portal. But what exactly is the difference between these two communication channels? In this blog we will highlight the main differences!

Live chat

The word live says it all, it is a live chat where both parties must be present in the conversation, just like a telephone conversation. The moment the call is ended, the call is also deleted and can no longer be found. So pay attention when leaving the page!

Direct messaging

Messaging has the same idea but is definitely different. Unlike with live chat, there is not always a direct response here, this also has to do with the crowds at that time. Think of it more as a conversation you have on WhatsApp, the conversation continues and there is not always a direct response.

With messaging there is often a 24/7 service, this makes it extremely interesting for a company because (potential) customers can also reach you after working hours, which increases customer-friendliness. Messaging has benefits not only for customers but also for the organization, the most important are listed below.

Benefits for the organization:
• More accessible, quickly accessible to everyone
• Verified contact, you know who you are dealing with and what his/her interests and needs are
• Effectiveness/efficiency, multiple calls can be made at the same time
• Flexibility, employees can have both synchronous and asynchronous conversations.

Customer benefits:
• Cross device, communication can go through different devices
• History, conversation can always be found
• Timeless, the conversation can be held 24/7


Now that we know what the benefits are, it’s time to look at the biggest differences, they can be seen here in a row.


• Tied to opening hours
• No conversation history
• One time call
• Busy queues
• Single device


• Available 24/7
• Conversation history is preserved
• Ongoing calls
• No queues
• Cross-device


WeSquare is able to add both the Direct Messenger as well as the live chat feature to your Oracle Service Cloud!

“The messenger integration add-in is highly recommended to organizations that want to exceed their customers’ expectations by offering them a more mature, private customer experience (cx).“

Call us at +31 853 012 993, or click here to visit our website. We are looking forward at the opportunity to create just the perfect situation for you. Together we can make your (online) business a success!

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