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Gildepak consists of 16 independent packing wholesalers spread over 19 companies throughout the Netherlands. In total we have 255 employees. With 40 years of experience, they form the largest partnership for the purchase of packaging materials. Over the years Gildepak has provided high added value at low cost to the member companies. The objective is to improve the market position of the member companies who sell to 32.000 customers.


For Gildepak we have developed an app that allows customers to quickly reorder products.

In general, for example a snackbar orders the same products every time. Same milkshake cup, plastic containers for fries, etc. Previously they had to first see what they needed and then call and place an order. Or they had to go to a webshop on the computer. With our app they see their most recent orders. They can simply walk past the products and order those products again in one move.

For every wholesaler / company there is a special created app designed as their corporate identity, the logo’s and designs are also created by WeSquare.


• Mysql
• C#
• .net (MCV)
• Xamarin


Franciscusweg 249 - kantoor 1A 1216 SG Hilversum, The Netherlands

+31 853 012 993