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Every day a lot of communication takes place between stable owners and horse owners about the care that the horses need, the availability of facilities, the planning of horse riding classes and the organization of special events.

This user-friendly app is developed by and for stable owners and horse owners to manage and log all this communication between stable owners and customers or between horse owners, at any give time or place (at home, in the stable or on the road), and to make the everyday operations (life) easier for everyone.

In HorseInfo you can store all the information you need on your customers and their horse(s): Whether a horse needs medication, who is the blacksmith and who is the vet, etc. Once you have entered or updated this information in, everyone who needs to know, is informed immediately. A separate agenda can be kept for each horse. In order to manage all the facilities that the stable offers, there is a clear overview of all the facilities that are offered, as well as schedule per facility that make it possible for customers or co-drivers to check whether something is available and plan it immediately from home. Easy and very clear. 

The app also enables you to send messages to 1 or multiple customers, to announce competitions and special events and to introduce new customers. As soon as you send your message, your customers will immediately receive a notification on their telephone that they have received a new message. Customers can also communicate with each other through this app. 

HorseInfo can also be used as a management tool for stable owners, as it enables them to manage and appoint tasks to staff or interns, and allows them to log, check and invoice tasks that are completed.


WeSquare handled the design and the development of their app, website & CMS:

  • Website: .Net/C#
  • App: Xamarin Forms (Android & iOS)
  • CMS: .Net/C#
  • Database: mySQL
  • Rsponsive UI: Bootstrap


  • APP Login/Register, myProfile, myHorses, myStables, myMessages, myFriends, myPlanning, myAgenda, Dashboard
  • CMS (Customized CMS based on our WeSquare CMS)
  • CMS – Stables, Facilities, Services, Reservations, Planning, Invoicing, Messages, Dashboards, Reports
  • WEBSITE & APP – UI unique design for the client
  • WEBSITE – Product Landingpage (introducing the app)


  • .Net/C#
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • mySQL
  • UI
  • Xamarin


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