Oracle Service Cloud Implementation & Enhancements


PLUS is a supermarket chain with 270 branches in the Netherlands and was founded in 1988 as Plusmarkt. There are working 1200 employees with a turnover of 2.61 billion in 2019.


For Plus we are responsible for the management and improvement of Oracle Service Cloud. We have built a number of integrations for them, with which they can, among other things, handle all complaints and questions from both consumers and the stores themselves. We have a link with their entire article and store database, so that all incidents can be linked to specific departments / product groups.

This guarantees the quality of customer contact and the reporting / identification of customer questions.

They also own our add-in for sending physical letters or flowers to customers when something goes wrong. This is an automatic process which makes the work for the call center agents a bit easier.

In the coming months we will be integrating both chat and Whatsapp at Plus, here they use the Messenger Integration as offered by WeSquare.


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