The unforeseen COVID-19 situation has rattled many individual companies and entire industries – especially those that rely heavily on person – to – person contact with the customer. Once the initial shock of companies going out of business in masses settles down, the companies that have survived should now focus on adapting to the new reality where digitization is an integral part of one’s business strategy.

This article will help you understand how outstaffing can help businesses deal with the slow-down that is inevitably going to follow this pandemic and adapt to the remote-work environment, minimal in-person interactions, and reduced budgets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we knew it. For businesses, the challenge is getting equipped for remote work with fewer number of employees while ensuring the delivery of goods and services is not affected. Outstaffing is a great solution that helps reduce production costs by dipping into an external talent pool to help solve your functional and developmental tasks. Additionally, outstaffing can help you rope-in more qualified and skilled people to deal with extremely specific work that requires special expertise.

No need for lay-offs

In the current situation, many companies are struggling with the maintenance of employees. This has led to many pay cuts – either by cutting their pay directly or by adjusting workload and work timings. The top management is forced to make extremely difficult choices, like who is to stay behind should the company resort to such measures. Simultaneously, companies recognize the importance of an online presence to the future of their business.

Managing an increasing number of tasks with limited people is a nightmare. This is where outstaffing comes in. Outstaffing is a great way of fighting payment cuts, avoiding overworking your team, or firing someone.

Some might ask, “Why outstaff if I am going to need the same number of people for a certain amount of work?”

The total amount you pay for outstaffing will still be considerably lower than hiring in-house personnel. The following points are the reason why.

Financial benefits and pricing flexibility

There are many countries and regions that make for great outstaffing choices – Ukraine, Poland, India, or other Southeast Asian countries, and many more. The combination of the costs of local labour, the incentives on taxes, and the presence of highly skilled people make these countries extremely attractive choices for outstaffing for companies that do not have extravagant budgets.

Additionally, outstaffing takes the extra spending of sick leaves, insurance, paid vacation, and pension plans off your shoulders!

Experienced and Skilled people/staff

Let’s say your business needs a mobile app. The first questions that you will face are:

  • How long does it take to get an app created?
  • Do you need a web app as well?
  • What is the kind of team to work on it?
  • Do you need an entire team or just a few specialists?
  • How do you manage a software development project?

All these questions can be answered by experts. The advantage of outstaffing is that uncharted waters for you are routine tasks for them. In case if the example above, outstaffing to experts is your best bet. Their experience with similar projects makes them the best fit.

These specialists have gone through the same cycle of breaking down ideas and using them to build a viable product so many times that they can provide with an in-depth analysis of what are the resources you will need and foresee any roadblocks.

This is precisely why outstaffing companies are efficient at optimizing costs. They already know what will work and what will not work, thereby saving you money for work that might get discarded later on. Moreover, outsourcing companies are very good at remote work and continuous reporting unloading this burden from your shoulders so that you can spend more time on strategic planning.

To conclude

Using the option of outstaffing to help your business deal with the challenges posed by COVID-19 is an extremely sound step to take even if you have never tried it before. While on one hand your team’s efficiency increases manifold as a significant portion of the work’s burden is taken off their shoulders, on the other hand you save money while not compromising on the outcome.

You also, successfully, do away with compromising the trust of your team with payment cuts or pay-offs. If you have any questions about outstaffing or would like to outstaff your IT project, do not hesitate to contact us. Let us make it happen!



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