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A technology company with innovative facility management solutions. That’s INPRC. The founder of InPRC, Victor van der Wal, knows facility partners work better and happier if they get full grip on their business. That’s why InPRC chooses to provide facility managers with relevant insights and opportunities to enhance their overal performance based on independent, transparent data (from customer feedback sensors) and smart software. Together with the parties involved, InPRC makes facility management easier, by renewing the “plan-do-check-act” principle again and again.


Every day more than 100 cleaners clean the public toilets at the railway stations in The Netherlands. A process that takes a lot of time, and maybe even a bit too much. But what if we can make this process more efficient? It would give cleaners more time to do other important tasks at the train stations.

To increase the efficiency of this process we need to know how often the toilets are being used, how the visitors percieve the hygene, which toilets need to cleaned, when they need to be cleaned, and how long it will take to clean them. In order to get this information WeSquare developed the following implementations:

• Webserver with a webservice and connected database
• Mobile application for the cleaners & managers (NFC)
• Feedback device for the visitors (LoRa)
• Motion monitor (LoRa)

How does it work?


When the visitor enters the room, a sensor that is attached to the door, sends a signal to a database. When the visitor is done and exits the toilet he or she can give his/her feedback on how he or she experienced the current status of the toilet with regards to the hygene by clicking either on the green (= very good), yellow (= ok) or red (= very bad) smiley or by scanning a QR code. As InPRC aims to achieve a specific satisfaction level, they now can actively monitor the current hygene status of the toilet and by doing so, act if necessary and actively manage the satisfaction level and work towards a specific goal.


All of the cleaners have a phone with the inPRC application installed. In the toilet area there are 3 NFC tags installed. When they start the shift they have to scan the first tag, when they actually start cleaning the toilet(s) they scan the second tag and send their feedback to the database the current status of that area: Is it clean, or not? Is something broken, or is the toilet constipated? When they are done cleaning the area, they scan a third tag that ends their shift. At this point their managers are able to check the database whether everything is up to standard and how smooth the cleaning process is going.

Data collection and rendered solutions

The IOT solution of inPRC provides the following real time data, insights and solutions:

  • Realtime insight into toilet usage: the number of toilet visits, the duration of these visits and the differences between various locations
  • Realtime insight into the overal satisfaction rate and the satisfaction rate per location and per toilet
  • Realtime insight into the overal toilet cleaning efforts and the efforts per location and per toilet
  • Realtime insight into the perceived quality of the overal toilet cleaning efforts and the efforst per location and per toilet
  • Realtime insights to predict the need and urge for cleaning sessions per location and per toilet of optimal cleaning moments
  • Realtime insights to develop, test and optimize the cleaning moments per location and per toilet based on:
    • the actual usage
    • the real time hygene status
    • the customer satisfaction rate
    • cleaning costs

Applied skills

  • .net/c# (mvc)
  • xamarin
  • slq server db
  • bootstrap


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