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InPRC ™ works as a logical tool in all kinds of facility processes. During the development of InPRC ™, the focus has been on cleaning services and related services, such as DKS and Quality Management (assessment of services provided). However, the unique design of InPRC ™ provides a multitude of applications, which inspires Clients and Contractors time and again to new uses. InPRC ™ combines fool-proof technology with intuitive and powerful software to create a collaboration platform for facility services.


For inPRC, WeSquare had to do a number of implementations at 40 toilets at train stations throughout the Netherlands. In order to achieve this, 3 employees had to drive throughout the Netherlands for a week to implement everything. This concerned the following implementations:

1. The installing of a sensor on the doors to measure the number of customer visits.

2. Hanging up a feedback device where customers could indicate their toilet visit with the push of a button or the option to do it via a QR code.

3. Finally, 3 NFC tags were hung in the toilet room. These tags are for the cleaners of the areas. When starting the service, they had to scan tag 1 via an app on their phone indicating that they start the service, then they had to scan tag 2 to indicate that they started cleaning that space, after scanning a page came up in which they could indicate what the room looked like and whether there were any things worth mentioning, for example: clogged toilet, broken light, leakage etc.

Subsequently, tag 3 had to be checked out. All these times are kept so that work can be done more effectively and efficiently in the future.

WeSquare is proud to work on such a big project with possibilities to scale-up even more.

“WeSquare helps me to develop custom software for a relatively large IT project. Due to their personal and flexible approach they are capable of delivering qualitative and effective solutions in a short time frame.”


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