WeSquare is very pleased to announce their recent acquisition of teamcx. teamcx excels in bringing smart customer experience solutions to various organizations. With the teamcx professionals on board, WeSquare is confident to improve their business even further.

Combined forces
Both companies have many similarities and they are very excited to join forces. Like WeSquare, teamcx is an Oracle Gold Partner – for already 9 years now – and their clever IT-products fit perfectly within the Oracle environment. So, to WeSquare Directors Wiebe Blankenberg and Walter Kamp this acquisition “feels like a natural and positive step” for their company.

Impressive software
WeSquare is impressed with teamcx’s achievements, and their software development packages include interesting opportunities to improve customer experience. For example, messengerintegration.com; the high-end communication platform that easily integrates SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and other messaging tools within the Oracle systems. Another smart feature, forwardandtrack.com, makes it easy for companies to work together with third parties.

Innovative features
teamcx has proven to be a strong brand, and as a part of WeSquare they will further pursue their activities with their own name. All teamcx’s clients can continue to rely on the support and expertise from the same experienced team. To WeSquare it is very clear that teamcx’s easy-to-implement features within the Oracle systems are a great benefit to all companies caring for high-quality customer experience. They even inspire Blankenberg and Kamp to introduce, together with the teamcx professionals, new innovative solutions to the customer experience market in the future.

About WeSquare
WeSquare is an IT expert for Oracle Service Cloud consultancy & implementation and more. WeSquare is also a creative developer of innovative (IT) products, an experienced designer of amongst other things logo’s and websites and a quality supplier for outsourcing services & qualified personnel. Thanks to their combined team in The Netherlands and India they keep costs low for their clients at all times. Want to learn more about WeSquare? Please contact us via www.wesquare.nl, [email protected] or +31 321 841 655.

Interested in the messenger integrations or other products of teamcx, check out www.teamcx.nl.

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