Since the very beginning WeSquare has managed to grow steadily from servicing one single client to servicing multiple large established corporations. Growth that would not have been possible without the full support of our clients and the drive of our team members who are not only excellent in what they do, but foremost love doing what they do! Their passion is contagious – it makes us a better company and our management better people.

Recently, three brilliant people joined the IT development team in Hyderabad, India: Raviteja, Sunil, and Divya.

First of all we consider ourselves fortunate to welcome Raviteja who has joined us as a Senior Oracle Consultant. Raviteja comes from the beautiful state of Andhra Pradesh and brings extensive (5+ years) experience to the table servicing and managing the most complex Oracle Service Cloud Systems for several large corporations. Next to his curiosity and passion for helping organizations to get the best out of their Oracle Service Cloud solution, he loves playing indoor games and to travel and explore the world. His toddler son keeps him busy on weekends and holidays which he loves to spend with his beautiful wife.

Secondly, we are delighted to welcome Divya, who will join our team as a fierce junior IT recruiter. Although she has been in the industry for only 4 months, her passion for people and their skills, as well as her eye for detail is a force to be reckoned with. As her sharp IT mind works beautifully in sync with her love for arts, crafts, and paintings, she already managed to bring a lot of joy and color to the team, and we are delighted she picked WeSquare as her new challenge for personal growth.

Last, but surely not least, we are very excited to welcome Sunil who has joined our IT development team in India as a junior PHP Developer. Although officially he has only one year of working experience, his talents and coding skills are more than impressive, and highly promising. Like almost every IT developers Sunil prefers to avoid the spotlights and rather remains active on the background steadily and quietly, while being around those he feels comfortable with. Sunil’s best kept secret are his excellent cooking skills. He loves to play cricket and to increase his knowledge by reading books.

 WeSquare is looking forward to the new collaboration and wishes Raviteja, Divya and Sunil all the success doing what they love most and to see them grow!

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