A successful digital transformation is impossible without monitoring your customers’ experience. In fact, most of the digital transformation initiatives have arisen from addressing the pain points of customers, looking at the innovation needs of the business, and growth imperatives on the customer experience side of the business.

Here are 13 tips and tricks that will help you to make your digital transformation a true success.

Continuously Think About the Customer

When focusing on your digital transformation, it is extremely easy to divert from your focus on your customer. Companies must always remember that it is crucial that you make informed decisions using relevant data about your customer. This includes perceptual, operational, behavioural, and business value insights.

Personalize Experiences

Personalized experiences boost revenue and customer loyalty, and an increasing number of customers expect them. You should increase relevance and engagement to deliver better experiences by using Intelligent Personalization. Intelligent personalization uses a deep understanding of each customer, instead of a general understanding of all customers, to provide benefits most competitors will not be able to match.

Embrace and Manage Change

Not all companies are able to keep pace with technological change. Since a major component of success is driven by culture, a culture that embraces and enables adaptation and adoption will be able to successfully manage its digital transformations.

Internal Alignment

Alignment of key stakeholders across the organization around where the company is going and why is imperative to digital customer experience transformation. So do the legwork. Get buy-in. Be clear about objectives. Communicate progress. Ensure expectations are set and met, and minimize surprises.

Speed to Insights

As a customer-centric business, your focus will be on customer-centric insights. You need fast and informative insights in almost real-time, across multiple areas, to enable the process f decision making. Traditional market research will remain an important component to understanding customers. Sources like voice analytics and behavioural data helps businesses get closer to their customers faster.

Prioritize and Digitize Relevant Customer Journeys

When a customer interacts with you on their phone or another device, they (and you) are experiencing a digital customer journey. By leveraging customer thinking and agile methodologies, you can prioritize the most important journeys to digitize, bridging gaps between systems, silos, processes and people, to smooth the journey and maximize the value of their time and business.

Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Customers expect to start a transaction in one channel and seamlessly continue into other channels. These omnichannel experiences give customers the ability to transact on a website, move to a call center or chat function, switch from a desktop to a mobile device, and even walk into a store without having to start over.

Integrate and Digitize Processes

Manual processes have been in the process of being digitized by companies for decades. Simplifying and integrating process flows that are in line with what your customers need will help you deliver interconnected experiences and seamless interactions across platforms.

Interaction on Preferred Device

Today, customers have the option of using multiple devices to interact with your organization. You need to plan your digital transformation taking into account the changing preferences and expectations of customers.

Align KPIs to Desired Business Outcomes

A digital transformation is meaningless unless its impact on your business can be measured. Therefore, your KPIs need to be aligned to the outcomes of your digitization efforts. This will include tracking and analyzing the impact on your processes, financials, customer and workforce-related measures, and creating a metrics framework to manage all.

Assess Your Customer Experience Operating Model

When boiled down to its basics, digital transformation is an activity undertaken to improve one’s business model. You must put your customer at the forefront of your transformation journey by optimizing processes, technology, people, and data across the journey of your customers. This way, you will have a customer experience operating model that is future-proof, customer-centric, and innovation driven.

Think by Design

Design thinking is, simplistically, customer thinking. It is an “outside-in” approach to understanding what customers want and need, and how these align to the ways you design and deliver products, services and experiences. As a result, the problems you choose to solve and how you solve them will be driven by their desirability to customers.

Keep it Human

Customers generally prefer digital channels as the first point of interaction with your organization. But when they need to talk to someone, they need to talk to someone RIGHT NOW. When customers do talk to someone, that someone must know who they are, what they are trying to accomplish, and what their previous experiences with your organization were.

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