The COVID- 19 pandemic has affected practically every industry. There is no industry that has not suffered organisational and financial challenges. Companies are looking for ways to solve these issues while making sure that the needs of their clients, consumers, and staff are not compromised. With the world opening up bit by bit it is good to look at the benefits of outstaffing.

According to Deloitte, over 50% of companies experienced cash flow issues from slowing sales, and 22% had trouble serving their customers.

Yet, within the turmoil, there is a tremendous opportunity.  McKinsey’s research into past market disruptions found that “companies are more likely to thrive if they act aggressively to capture market share during downturns rather than wait for the recovery.”

As companies are grappling with structural changes to their business models, product/market fit and labour needs, leaders are rethinking every aspect of their business from culture, skill/competency models, supply chains to customer experience. 

Outstaffing, as a practice, has proven to be quite useful – before the pandemic, and even more so, during the pandemic. It enables businesses to increase their capacity and output to meet unexpected or immediate demands. It is an option that works well to improve productivity and efficiency and keep on top of costs, not only during a globl pandemic.

These days, a business has to be flexible and have workforces that are responsive to the ever-changing environment. That has never been so apparent as with the COVID-19 pandemic – an agile workforce is essential. Here, we look at the broad benefits of outstaffing during the coronavirus pandemic overall and at WeSquare.

Why can outstaffing benefit a business during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Outstaffing Helps Improve Efficiencies and Control Costs

Outstaffing is an extremely viable option that helps increase efficiencies and cut costs. Most companies that outstaff various aspects of their business to WeSquare will verify that the process makes a large number of in-house obstacles simpler. It helps the management focus on their core business operation while reducing the time and cost involved with onboarding new staff, ensuring their training goes smoothly, taking care of their development needs, handling leave criteria, and avoiding the need to maintain enough resources to cover for any possible absences.

In today’s dynamic climate, where companies need to be able to survive any economic downturn while ensuring continuity of operation, these costs need to be carefully considered. Outstaffing these tasks means that organizations can accomplish all goals and decision-makers can ramp up or scale down requirements to meet their business needs. Specialists in outstaffing will hit the ground running, enabling important people inside a company to spend more time on the core business activities and gradually becoming more productive and thus more profitable.

Outstaffing Gives Organizations Access to A Wide Range of Skills and Fast Turnaround

When it comes to outstaffing, businesses can take advantage of a wide variety of skills and expertise by using the competencies of external resources. It has been found that companies can rapidly increase their capacity to meet urgent or unforeseen requirements and change their scale in a prudent way.

The rapid turnaround is one of the advantages of outstaffing to WeSquare because resources with specialist experience and the requisite skills are instantly available without substantial investment in preparation, growth, and onboarding. Outstaffing often has major cost savings and time-saving advantages, whereby the costly control of internal resources is substituted by a negotiated fixed sum for the outsourcing provider.

Outstaffing to WeSquare gives businesses the ability to reach a larger pool of resources that will allow them to use added-value skills that would not otherwise have been an option in many cases. Added to this, while outstaffed team members can become an integrated part of an organization, they will also bring a new viewpoint and probably new ideas that will act as a catalyst for change.

Outstaffing Allows Businesses to Keep Up With The Competition

Outstaffing is not just for huge firms and everybody can do it. For small businesses, it is particularly helpful since they do not have the budget or capital to handle their operations. In addition, it is better to outstaff to WeSquare as it would meet their financial requirement, and they don’t even have to think about recruiting more individuals to bring in new talent. In addition to that, it will allow them to compete with large corporations by providing the same knowledge, resources, and services to their potential clients.

Outstaffing Provides Much-Needed Continuity During Periods of Instability

The continuity given by outsourcing is one very significant advantage of the process particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Outstaffing often offers continuity cover to organizations to make sure that the job can always be done in compliance with the negotiated deadlines. This is a particularly important focus for most businesses.

Ultimately, whether to retain in-house personnel or outstaff depends on you. It is advisable, however, to choose to outstaff because during the pandemic situation it will help a great deal in growing the business. If you still think it is a little daunting, then you can begin by first outstaffing the low-value tasks. This may include activities that are highly repetitive and require less skill such as data input.  You can think about outstafffing highly specialized activities, such as website creation or graphic design, once you are pleased with the outcome.

If you have already planned to outstaff some or all of your business needs, then compile all the company or individual details you want to work with.  When it comes to outstaffing, it is a very important move, particularly if the firm is located in another country. Also, make sure that the team you work with is competent, trustworthy, and works on similar kinds of projects. It will help you know whether they are trustworthy enough to outstaff the specifications of your project. Besides, despite any time gaps or cultural barriers, you can rest assured that they can get the work done on time.


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